Sunday, 4 December 2016

Creating HTMl email signatures

Creating html email signatures seems very simple, but for different reasons it can get very quickly tricky.

1. To start, how should the signature look like, do you have any creative idea? From a technical point of view, what are the possibilities?
2. Then you need a tool to generate it:
3. All the email clients interpret the html in a different way, which means that even if your designed signature looks good in dreamweaver, this is no guaranty of how it will look when displayed in outlook express for example. Thomas Granger wrote an interesting article about html format for email.

With this problems in mind, I have created an online tool to generate html email signatures. It assists you by providing:
1. Design templates, which means you don't need any html or css knowledge, just use the design you like ( and you will still be able to customize it your needs.
2. An online wysiwyg editor, so you don't have to install software on you computer to edit html.
3. The templates are designed to work on most email clients and all the formatting is done with inline css.
And the best part is you pay nothing for this basic functionality. For companies, NGO's or associations using consistent email signatures for all employees is important as it becomes key element of overall branding and enables email recipients to make connections among emails received from various members of this organization. To cover those needs, the paying accounts of the html email signature creator offers:
1. the possibility to define your own signature template
2. import the employee information from the whole company
3. generate and easily generate consistent email signatures for all their employees.
4. Send each signature to the correct mail recipient.

Additional functionalities include:
1. insert a link into the signature which will show a Google map displaying the signature owner's location.
2. Upload picture to the izysign to then use it in the signatures. That way you don't send pictures in you mail attachments.

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